Professional missions: protect your employees

As an employer, you are required to make the necessary arrangements to cover your employees when they travel abroad on business. We put our expertise at your disposal to find the contract that will protect your staff, your liability and your interests.

For whom?

For company managers who want complete professional mission insurance adapted to the requirements of their business.

Your expectations

  • An insurance solution for professional missions that meets the expectations of your business
  • Personalized assistance for the development of your contract
  • Comprehensive and effective support in the event of an incident 

Our solution

Professional mission insurance is inexpensive and offers your employees full, unlimited 24/7 coverage worldwide. For certain covered posts, beneficiaries who accompany the insured may also be covered.

Protect your company`s human assets with insurance programmes specifically designed for professional missions abroad with a wide variety of coverage:

  • Death or permanent disability insurance following an accident (amount to be defined)
  • Health insurance abroad: hospitalization, doctor, costs of care…
  • Healthcare assistance and repatriation
  • Cancellation or postponement of the trip
  • Safety insurance: natural disaster, attack…
  • Psychological assistance
  • International personal civil liability insurance
  • Advance payment for bail bond abroad
  • Baggage insurance: loss, theft or destruction
  • Kidnapping, abduction, ransom demand (optional)


Did you know? Some companies do not cover their employees sent on business trips abroad, leaving them free to insure themselves. However, as an employer you may be held liable in a case of proven negligence. Don`t wait! Consult our experts to obtain additional information or to check whether your existing contract requires an update of its coverage or categories of beneficiary

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