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Our jobs

Secretary or Medical Assistant

Manage inpatient care and reimbursement of medical services, provide information to patients and medical providers, organize the schedules of the medical inspectors and ensure the administrative follow-up of medical files for the Health service.

Your profile

Training BAC level (Technological, professional, ...) in secretarial or medical-social sciences or BEP in the tertiary sector supplemented by professional experience in the medical sector.

Your skills

Knowing about:

  • Medical terminology
  • Medical acts codes
  • Terms of reception

Knowing how to:

  • Use office tools (word processor, spreadsheet...)
  • Write documents according to editorial standards
  • Perform file filing and archiving
  • Preserve the confidentiality of data or information accessible through one’s activity

Your tasks

  • Deal with patients’ hospital admission
  • Process requests for additional information and refusals of admission
  • Preparing for doctors’ examination, medical bills and manage claims files
  • Follow the schedule of doctors' appointments
  • Process and send letters from the Medical Direction
  • Sort and archive letters and other documents
  • Inform insured persons and medical providers about the administrative files follow-up
  • Manage the company pharmacy

Your prospects for development

Possibility of progression, depending on experience, to head of department.