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Our jobs

Editor / Producer

Editing and managing (subscription, codification etc) of insurance contracts (motor, industrial, housing and other risks), with reference to pre-compiled contracts or through adaptation of standard clauses, according to insurance regulations. The Editor will not be contented with just pricing simple contracts. He/she will compile and manage the insurance contracts.

Your profile

BTS training in insurance, IUP banking and insurance, IUT legal trades or licence in law; or previous professional experience in the insurance or banking sectors without specific technical diploma.

Your skills

Knowing about:

  • Contracts and products relevant to your field.
  • Being able to master the rules for compiling insurance contracts.
  • Having a solid skills base in the legal domain (insurance law).
  • Contract management procedures linked to sales.
  • Telephone and speaking skills.

Knowing how to:

  • Implement techniques for selling insurance or savings contracts and products.
  • Implementing rules and techniques for accepting risks and managing contracts.
  • Leading a conversation and instilling confidence in your contact.
  • Analysing client needs.
  • Understanding clients and answering them clearly.
  • Negotiating, arguing in favour, convincing.

Your tasks

  • Carrying out studies with a view to compiling offers and contracts
  • Compiling contracts on the basis of standard clauses and schedules sent by the.companies. For so-called "mass" risks (motor, housing, sickness etc), please refer to pre-compiled contracts. For more complex risks (industrial risks, construction, civil liability etc), compile specific clauses.
  • Entering information into the insured person's file and sending them contractual or supporting documentation.
  • Calling for premiums and verifying their collection.
  • Providing administrative follow-up of Proposals/Contracts (updating insured values, redrafting and optimising cover provided by policies, reworking certain policies, compiling policy summaries etc)
  • Checking contracts that have reached expiry date, setting up calls for premiums
  • Adapting contracts by adding or rewording clauses when the insured person's situation changes
  • Providing a technical interface between client managers and third parties (company negotiation, risk assessment specialities, Master programme policies or reinsurance policies etc)
  • Updating databases
  • Respecting the procedures relevant to your area of work.
  • Keeping informed of news in the sector, especially through training.
  • Participating in setting up corrective, preventive and/or improvement actions.
  • Managing inputs and outputs for the field of activity (letters, e-mails, faxes etc).

Your prospects for development

Possibility of progression, depending on experience acquired, to specialist posts within a specific field of insurance (motor, various risks, transport, life, health etc) or to head of department, or accessing business functions.