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our jobs

Director of the Medical Unit

Organize and manage the Medical Unit, the network of providers, the reimbursement of medical services, care and evaluate the health of the insured.

Your profile

Qualification of Doctorate in Medicine, preferably at Hospital Surgeon or Internist posts, completed by at least five years of hospital experience, and having served as Medical Consultant for at least three years.

Your skills

Knowing about :

  •  Regulations specific to the healthcare professions
  •  The specific corpus of medicine
  •  Public and Private Healthcare Systems

Knowing how to :

  •  Express yourself clearly and translate professional vocabulary into language understandable by all
  •  Respect professional ethics
  •  Preserve the confidentiality of data or information accessible through one’s activity
  •  Write a report of expertise
  •  Establish the clinical assessment of a patient
  •  Conduct an interview and put the other person at ease

Possess :

  •  Management skills
  •  Organisational qualities
  •  An authority on the network of Medical Providers.

Your tacks

  •  Organize and coordinate the activities of the medical unit
  •  Manage the network of medical providers
  •  Fight against fraud and abuse
  •  Participate in the statistical analysis of health expenditures
  •  Manage relationships with medical advisers of insurance companies and medical regulatory agencies
  •  Contribute to the development of the Ascoma brand image
  •  Check medical expense claim files
  •  Controlling ambulatory and hospital bills
  •  Evaluate the state of health of insured persons in hospital structures
  •  Issue start of care orders for services subject to prior agreement
  •  Transcribe on supports dedicated to the medical expense insurers, the prescriptions coming from centers    without computer terminals
  •  Advise and inform insureds and care centers

Your prospects for development

Possible evolution, according to the experience acquired, towards posts of Head or Director of Health Department.