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Our jobs


Informing and advising individual persons and businesses about personal and property insurance (fire, accident, retirement, provident funds etc). Selling products and services according to insurance regulations and company business policy. Can put together contracts at a technical (drafting prices etc) and administrative level.

Your profile

Training to Bac+2 (BTS, DEUST, DUT etc) in the field of insurance, business or economics, or previous professional experience in the insurance or banking sector.

Your skills

Knowing about:

  • Contracts and products relevant to your field.
  • Being able to master the rules for compiling insurance contracts.
  • Having a solid skills base in the legal domain (insurance law).
  • Contract management procedures linked to sales.
  • Telephone and speaking skills.

Knowing how to:

  • Implement techniques for selling insurance or savings contracts and products.
  • Implementing rules and techniques for accepting risks and managing contracts.
  • Lead a conversation and instil confidence in your contact.
  • Analyse client needs.
  • Understand clients and answer them clearly.
  • Negotiate, argue in favour, and convince.

Your tasks

  • Analysing clients' insurance needs and informing them on products on offer.
  • Developing a portfolio of prospective/actual clients
  • Drawing up the terms of the insurance contract with the client (total premium, type of cover etc), bringing together supporting documentation and submission for decision.
  • Updating the client's insurance contract and completing follow-up documents.
  • Compiling contracts on the basis of standard clauses and of schedules sent bythe companies. For so called "mass" risks (motor, housing, sickness etc), referto pre-compiled contracts. For more complex risks (industrial risks, construction, civil liability etc), compile specific clauses.
  • Respect the procedures relevant to your area of work.
  • Keep yourself informed of news in your sector, especially through training.
  • Participate in setting up corrective and preventive actions and/or improvements.

Your prospects for development

Possibility of progressing, depending on experience, to client manager or client relations manager posts.