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Our jobs

Client Manager

Contributing to client satisfaction or prospects, providing marketing of contracts or insurance products that satisfy their needs and take account of contract management processes.

Your profile

Training for BTS Client Relations and Negotiation, BTS Insurance, DUT Legal Careers (Insurance Option) or CQP Client Manager; or previous professional experience in sales and contract management.

Your skills

Knowing about:

  • Contracts and products within your field.
  • Contract management procedures linked to sales.
  • Telephone and speaking skills.

Knowing how to:

  • Implement techniques for selling insurance or savings contracts and products.
  • Implementing rules and techniques for accepting risks and managing contracts.
  • Leading a conversation and instilling confidence in your contact.
  • Analysing client needs.
  • Understanding clients and answering them clearly.
  • Negotiating, arguing in favour, convincing.

Your tasks

  • Dealing with calls, letters and e-mails received, welcoming clients physically.
  • Compiling a contract or amendment, producing certificates and contractual documents, generating calls for premiums.
  • Creating or updating client files.
  • Informing and advising clients on how to improve their insurance cover.
  • Holding a one-to-one business discussion with the client in an office or the company's.sale point
  • Identifying the company's contracts or products that may meet the needs or demands of the prospective or actual client
  • Verifying the conditions of acceptance of the risk or product subscription and determining the applicable charge.
  • Offering the prospective or actual client the product that best meets their needs, and developing suitable sales pitches.
  • Negotiating and concluding the sale, issuing the cover.
  • Making telephone contact with prospects on the basis of call sheets, to offer them appointments or make them a business offer.

Your prospects for development

Possibility of progression, depending on experience, to: network assistance and support posts, network leadership or contract and claims management.