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Ascoma Mauritania

Since 2006, Ascoma Mauritania, a major local player in insurance and reinsurance brokerage, has provided its corporate and individual clients with analysis, advice, insurance policy placement and claims management services.

The country in a nutshell

  • Population: 3.8 million (2017)
  • Area: 1,030,700 km2
  • GNP: $4.74 billion (2016)
  • Rate of growth: 1.7% (2016)

Mauritanian insurance market

Mauritania's economic growth is mainly based on mining exports. The distribution of income is unequal and unemployment is very high (around 10%). The insurance sector is currently undergoing tremendous change. It is expected to play a key role in the future national financial market (in view of a Nouakchott Stock Exchange) and to contribute to tackling the issue of employment. The reform also aims at rehabilitating the image of insurance among insured Mauritanians and foreign reinsurance companies. In this context, around fifteen national companies and two foreign brokers operate in the market. With an annual turnover of approximately $6 million, the insurance market is considered relatively modest but continues to register the arrival of new players.    

*Sources: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr - www.banquemondiale.org - www.financialafrik.com

Our expertise in Mauritania


The expertise and technical know-how of our teams, an in-depth knowledge of local specificities and the solid relationships established with insurance companies are assets that enable Ascoma Mauritania to advise its clients optimally by proposing tailor-made contracts that meet their expectations and the specific risks associated with their activities.

Ascoma Mauritania works with large public, para-public and private companies: risk audit, vulnerability analysis, prevention measures, setting up coverage and finding the best rates.


Ascoma Mauritania offers coverage solutions for you, your family and your property, as well as your financial investments. Thanks to personalized support, our teams help you calmly understand all the financial consequences related to the unexpected risks of everyday life: accident, damage and loss. Ascoma Mauritania offers insurance solutions for all types of risks on specially negotiated terms with extended coverage.

Ascoma Health

For more than 10 years, the Ascoma Group has developed proven solutions for managing the reimbursement of healthcare expenses of company employees.

Ascoma Mauritania is thus able to provide its clients with its outsourced integral management concept that meets the expectations of clients and its employees:

  • Access in Third-Party Payer to medical benefits
  • Control of the budget allocated by the General Management of the company

Today, Ascoma Mauritania's third-party care network has expanded throughout the country, affording its clients optimal access to healthcare. With the Ascoma health card, companies and individuals can cover all current expenses (optical, dentistry, pharmacy, consultations, hospitalization, etc.).

Download the Mauritanian network list of "Ascoma" healthcare providers.

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