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Ascoma Madagascar

Insurance broker on Malagasy territory for more than sixty years, Ascoma Madagascar is the specialist in all branches of insurance on the Big Island.

Established since 1952 in Antananarivo, Ascoma Madagascar conducts its activities throughout the island country. A major local player in the insurance market, it provides analysis, advisory, insurance investment and claims management services.

The country in a nutshell

  • Population: 24.9 million (2016)
  • Area: 587,040 km2
  • GNP: $9.74 billion (2016)
  • Rate of growth: 4.5% (2017)

Malagasy insurance market

The Malagasy insurance sector, deregulated in 2006, is not governed by the CIMA code. It has had a positive evolution during the five years of crisis. Its turnover increased from more than 61 billion ariary in 2005 to 151.9 billion ariary by the end of 2013. The sector`s share in the country`s GDP remains low, at less than 1%.

*Sources: www.mfw4a.org/fr - www.diplomatie.gouv.fr - www.businessmag.mu

Our expertise in Madagascar

Benefiting from the support and expertise of the Ascoma Group, an international insurance brokerage established in Africa for more than 60 years, Ascoma Madagascar manages a portfolio of very varied clients – multinationals, SMEs, professionals, traders, individuals – while adapting to their local and international needs.


With a team of 30 employees, Ascoma Madagascar supports its clients in all sectors of the Big Island`s economic life:

Agriculture – Energy Creation – Power Plant Management – Fishing – Aquaculture – Services – Communication – Telecommunications – Large Retailers – Extraction Industries – Textile Industries – Outsourcing – Banks – Construction/Public Works – Transportation – Oil Industry.


Ascoma Madagascar offers coverage solutions for you, your family and your property. By choosing Ascoma, you opt for the best possible coverage at the best price on the Malagasy insurance market.

Ascoma Madagascar salso sells health and retirement insurance products (accident insurance, life insurance, supplementary pension, funeral insurance) allowing you to calmly understand all the financial consequences related to these types of risks.


Ascoma Health

A pioneer in health insurance with its third-party payer system, Ascoma Madagascar has developed one of the Ascoma Group's showcase products on Malagasy territory.

Today, Ascoma Madagascar's third-party care network has expanded throughout the country, affording its clients optimal access to healthcare. With the Ascoma health card, companies and individuals can cover all current expenses (optical, dentistry, pharmacy, consultations, hospitalization, etc.).


Download the Malagasian network list of "Ascoma" healthcare providers.

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