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Ascoma Insurance Advisors (parent company of the Group)

Based in Monaco, the Ascoma Group's holding company unites the central functions (Human Resources, Legal, Finance, IT, Quality Control, Communications) and supports the subsidiaries in their development.

Ascoma has established a large network, particularly in Africa, to serve and support companies wherever they operate. This Group growth strategy was accompanied by the conclusion of relevant agreements with the largest international brokers. Today the holding company control 21 companies and supports more than 700 employees divided between Monaco and Africa.

Ascoma by the numbers

  • 1st independent broker in sub-Saharan Africa for more than 60 years
  • 1st broker in Monaco
  • Locations: 34 establishments in 24 countries
  • Employees: 700 including 600 in Africa
  • Turnover: 54 billion euros in 2019

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