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Ascoma Benin

Since 2008, Ascoma Benin, a major local player in insurance and reinsurance brokerage, has been providing its corporate and private clients with analysis, advice, insurance policy placement and claims management services.

The country in a nutshell

  • Population: 11.1 million inhabitants (2016)
  • Area: 114,763 km2
  • GNP: $9.4 bn (2016)
  • Rate of growth: 4% (2016)

Beninese insurance market

The Beninese insurance market, deregulated in 1998, is very competitive with seven life insurers for FCFA 10 billion and seven property and casualty insurers for FCFA 26 billion, of which NSIA and Africaine des Assurances represent 57% of market share. Ascoma Benin started its activities in 2008. In six financial years, the subsidiary took a 10% market share with a total premium of FCFA 2.5 billion, thus positioning itself as the 4th largest in the insurance market by turnover. The Beninese subsidiary has also established itself as a major player in health insurance with an annual management of FCFA 1.2 billion of reimbursement of health expenses for more than 17,500 Beninese. The Beninese economy is essentially based on its geographical position of entry to the landlocked countries (Niger – Burkina – Mali) and as the gateway to the gigantic market of Nigeria. Port activity is very important and vital for the State and its customs revenues. French transportation company Bolloré is a major player and its heavy investments benefit all other players.

*Sources: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr - www.banquemondiale.org

Our expertise in Benin

The expertise and technical know-how of its teams, an in-depth knowledge of local specificities and the solid relationships established in complete independence with all of the country`s insurance companies are assets that enable Ascoma Benin to advise its clients  and to offer them tailored contracts that meet their expectations and the specific risks associated with their activities.


We work with large public, para-public and private companies: risk audit, vulnerability analysis, prevention measures, setting up coverage and finding the best rates.


For more than 10 years, the Ascoma Group has developed proven solutions for managing the reimbursement of healthcare expenses of company employees.

Ascoma Benin is thus able to provide its clients with its outsourced integral management concept that meets the expectations of clients and its employees:

  • Access in Third-Party Payer to medical benefits
  • Control of the budget allocated by the General Management of the company


Many clients already trust Ascoma Benin: public or para-public institutions, large banks, Internet & telephone operators, cement works, metallurgical plants, paint, beverage and pasta factories…


Download the Beninese network list "Ascoma" healthcare providers.

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