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Work-related accidents

Work-related accidents and occupational diseases

Employers are obliged to take out an insurance contract against work-related accidents and diseases. In fact, Law No. 636 of 11 January 1958 requires all employers in Monaco to take out this insurance to cover their employees with an authorized insurance company in the Principality. This law provides that the insurer, replacing social organizations, covers the medical expenses, daily subsistence allowances and remuneration paid to the victim of an accident, if they still have successive after-effects, and the remuneration paid to the victim`s spouse and orphaned child in the event of death. The conditions and coverage are those imposed by the law. Ascoma offers a complete programme that allows you to receive care and compensation.

For whom? 

For companies wishing to cover their employees against work-related accidents and diseases with tailor-made insurance programmes.

Your expectations

  • Insurance that meets the specificities of your business
  • A programme that protects your company's staff in the event of an accident or illness
  • A contract which immediately covers care and compensation

Our solution

By entrusting your file to Ascoma, you receive unique guarantees for the management of your contract:

  • Personal service: our teams know the constraints of your business and are committed to offering you the most appropriate solutions
  • Immediate reactivity: our representatives support you all the way: formation of the contract, assumption of responsibility, payment of compensation…
  • Perfect knowledge of local procedures and regulations in Monaco
  • Thanks to our firm`s reputation, our supervision and management are approved by all healthcare professionals in Monaco and neighbouring municipalities.


 Our firm benefits from a delegation of management with no restriction or limit. With more than 50 years of practice, the Ascoma Group has extensive experience in this area, which allows us to negotiate the best rates for the social security of your employees.

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