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Retirement benefits

Retirement benefits: ease the burden effectively!

As an employer, you are required to pay retirement benefits to retirees. These benefits can be a significant social liability, and failing to anticipate age-pyramid departure could throw your cash flow out of balance, an instability that you cannot easily offset. These retirement benefits are fixed by the Labour Code at the statutory minimum and are sometimes improved by a collective agreement or a company agreement. For example, they can be supplemented by severance pay. To address the risks to your cash flow, plan and anticipate future expenses.

For whom?

Companies needing assistance in the development of their financing plan, especially for the payment of expenses related to retirement.

Your expectations 

  • Personalized support in calculating the necessary provisions
  • A close relationship with an experienced advisor
  • An anticipation of the expenses related to retirement benefits

Our solution

With your Ascoma advisors, run a simulation of your financing needs in order to measure the level of your company`s retirement benefit commitments and to outsource the social liability.
Outsourcing the management of retirement benefits offers you many advantages:

  • Lower taxes
  • A return on the amounts paid in the insurance contract
  • A better valuation of the company and the safety of employees, especially in the event of a possible sale of your company


Our experienced teams assist you planning for future expenses so that you are able to meet your commitments when the time comes, without cripping your cash flow.

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