Retirement and dependency: think about a group scheme

To enable your employees to build a retirement nest egg that will provide them with financial security at the end of their career, our insurance broker teams offer you a group scheme with myriad advantages.

For whom?

For companies wishing to set up a system of collective social security contributions for the purpose of offering their employees a supplemental retirement plan.

Your expectations

  • A group contract that insures the interests of all your employees
  • A contribution that will allow the payment of a retirement supplement
  • A specialized representative who will guide you through the plethora of offers

Our solution

What can be done to respond positively to the increasingly specific demands of your employees? The Ascoma teams will assist you in considering how best to set up a defined retirement contribution scheme by means of voluntary individual payments. These contributions are made either when necessary or regularly and make it possible to establish a supplemental retirement plan.

Another advantage: these voluntary individual payments represent an effective tool for retaining staff under a controlled budget.

Soon, the basic old-age pension schemes (French Social Security system or Monaco Pension Fund) will no longer allow employees to obtain a retirement pension to maintain a decent standard of living.

The financial perspectives of the ARRCO/AGIRC*supplementary pay-as-you-go schemes are deteriorating rapidly and sharply. As a result, these mandatory plans will no longer be sufficient to maintain the purchasing power of future retirees in your company. A group scheme can usefully complement your existing facilities.

*Association for Employees' Supplementary Pension Scheme / General Association of Executive Retirement Institutions


The Ascoma teams accompany and advise you all the way in setting up the group scheme that corresponds to your organization, your expectations and the needs of your employees.

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