Provident scheme

Provident insurance: beyond the support of a salary

An absence from work following an accident or illness can have significant financial consequences for your employees. By choosing a provident plan adapted to your organization, you provide comprehensive social protection for your company's staff.

For whom?

For company directors who need additional support for the social protection of employees. 

Your expectations

  • An insurance programme that matches the needs of your organization
  • A provident solution that complements your staff`s social security regime
  • Assistance in the day-to-day management of your contract 

Our solution

The implementation of a provident scheme ensures that your employees continue to receive an income in case of work absence or death. Whether to supplement the basic scheme of the Joint Social Security Centre, the French social security scheme or to comply with conventional provisions in your sector of activity, this solution brings you many benefits. Protect your employees and preserve the social relationship in your company by choosing a provident plan adapted to all your requirements.

Our skilled technical team will help you to take out a group provident contract or rearrange your conditions if you already have one.

Discover the coverage offered in addition to the basic plan:

  • Death benefit (all causes)
  • Death benefit (accident)
  • Double effect: doubling the death benefit for dependent children in the event of simultaneous or subsequent death of the spouse
  • Education allowance
  • Spouse's pension
  • Daily allowances paid in case of temporary incapacity for work after a period to be chosen deductible
  • Permanent disability benefit

Did you know? The Ministerial Decree of 24 May 1960 makes it compulsory to subscribe to a provident scheme for the benefit of senior staff of companies based in Monaco.

Article 7 of the National Collective Agreement on Retirement and Social Security for Executives (14 March 1947) also requires that employers in France must pay a contribution equal to 1.50% of the lower salary bracket as an insurance against the risk of death. This allows a spouse or their children to receive compensation for the loss of the deceased employee's income.   


Our asset? Ascoma International`s consultants help you to define the level of services you want for your employees and assist you in the day-to-day management of your contract as well as the monitoring of claims files.

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