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Protecting your wealth

Because our clients deserve the best service, Ascoma's insurance brokerage experts provide you with tailor-made advice and solutions for the protection of all of your movable and immovable property.

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For whom?

For individuals looking for effective insurance coverage and optimal service in the event of loss and/or damage to personal property.

Your expectations

  • An experienced representative in insurance brokerage for individuals
  • Immediate support in case of damage
  • A representative who will guide you in finding the solution that best suits your profile

Our solution

To protect your wealth and immovable and movable property, Ascoma's managers offer you coverage solutions for you, your family, your property and your investments. We help you to understand all the financial consequences related to accidents, damage and occurrences of everyday life.

Protect all your material assets with appropriate contracts such as:

  • Home insurance: main residence, secondary residence, property intended for rental…
  • Car insurance for all types of vehicles: 2 wheels, 4 wheels, SUVs, motor homes

Our managers compare the different types of contracts for you and evaluate all of your assets as well as risk exposure in order to select only the best insurance solutions. By taking out insurance that corresponds specifically to your needs, you benefit from immediate support and compensation equal to the value of your property in the event of damage, deterioration or destruction.


Our teams of advisors are drawn from our network of approved experts and assist you all the way in underwriting your contracts with insurance companies to ensure you receive coverage that matches your lifestyle and assets.

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