Employee health protection: the well-being of your company

To guarantee your company's employees comprehensive and satisfactory social security protection, our Ascoma Jutheau Husson teams, certified ISO 9001, provide additional health solutions adapted to suit your organisation and your requirements.

For whom?

Companies wishing to take out complementary health insurance appropriate to the needs of their employees. 

Your expectations

  • Personalized management of your employees` healthcare costs
  • Complementary health insurance that supports the care of your staff
  • A specialized advisor who offers you the best solutions on the market 

Our solution

The aim of complementary corporate health insurance is to improve the management of the healthcare of employees and rights holders. It also contributes to the prevention of medical risks

Complementary health insurance does not come down to a table of benefits and a tariff. Our teams automatically link your contract with regular account monitoring: reporting of results and complimentary legal, tax or social advice.

Without medical selection or age discrimination, and benefiting from a favourable tax framework, employer-sponsored complementary health insurance is important in the company for both fairness and motivation.

Our managers are at your disposal to provide you with assistance and advice all the way:

  • Third-party payment
  • Analysis of practitioners` cost estimates (dentists, opticians, etc...) and issuing recommendations on request
  • Provision of quotes in accordance with the company`s current health insurance
  • Calculation of potential "remaining expenses"
  • Hospital care
  • Explanation of amounts reimbursed
  • Remote transmission of statements with social security organizations
  • Perusal of supplementary Ascoma statements on the Internet
  • All information concerning the development of the regulatory and legislative environment governing the contract


The Ascoma Jutheau Husson subsidiary holds the ISO 9001 certification in quality management – proof that our management practices consistently meet the requirements of several thousand insured persons in Monaco.

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