Your health above all, everywhere

Guaranteeing your health and that of your loved ones is our priority. Ascoma and its associates offer you tailor-made health insurance that provides complete healthcare so you can recover with confidence.

For whom?

For individuals seeking the best healthcare insurance appropriate to their needs. 

Your expectations

  • Health insurance that protects you and your family
  • Immediate, effective support from the moment you take out the contract
  • A certified representative who is an expert in the health sector

Our solution

Having developed innovative and efficient solutions for corporate health insurance, the Ascoma Group now offers these services to individuals. Our teams are committed to facilitating your access to healthcare and simplifying the administrative procedures so that you can concentrate on your recovery.


Because healthcare needs vary from person to person, Ascoma assists you in choosing your contract and coverage so that you obtain the insurance plan that best protects you and your family.


In order to provide you with the necessary advice on using your health insurance, the methods of care and your course of treatment, our employees put a team of medical advisers at your disposal.


To ensure easy access to care, take advantage of the third-party payer. This service exempts you from having to make payments while receiving care—the invoice is sent directly to us! The third-party payer covers every health benefit you may need during your treatment: consultation, hospitalization, pharmacy, medical tests, dental care, etc. This service is available in the Ascoma third-party payment network centres.


If traveling abroad, it is possible to benefit from the third-party payer under the same conditions as in your country of residence in the Ascoma networks (service available depending on your contract).

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