Retirement and dependence: anticipate your needs

Basic pension schemes no longer being sufficient to maintain the standard of living of today's retirees, your Ascoma advisors assist you in taking out a retirement savings policy. Contribute now and receive a supplementary pension as soon as you retire.

For whom?

This provident insurance is intended for those who wish to contribute regularly during their professional life in order to guarantee a supplementary pension.

Your expectations

  • Payment of your capital at the end of your career
  • A manager who guides you through the plethora of insurance offers
  • A financial investment that will allow you to consider retirement more serenely

Our solution

Mandatory pension schemes (basic and supplementary) have a steadily declining return, with the bitter realization of a reduced standard of living in the short term.

To address this loss of income at the time of retirement, our teams advocate a solution: to contribute to an individual pension scheme by capitalization. This constantly important decision must be considered from an early age. For example, this individual pension scheme helps the insured to find the future financing that may be necessary in the event of loss of autonomy—in other words, in the context of total or partial dependence.

Ascoma employees offer you the option of taking out a retirement savings and dependence policy with a view to preparing calmly for retirement and thus guaranteeing financial security when inactive. This accumulation of capital will allow you to receive a pension at the end of your career.


With more than 60 years of activity in the field of insurance brokerage, our teams of managers recommend solutions that best match your profile and requirements.

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