Travel (Schengen)

Prepare well for your departure and return

Relocating to a foreign country, alone or with your family, is a real adventure. But before you fly it is essential to prepare well for your journey, especially in choosing insurance appropriate to your profile while taking into account the specificities of the destination country.

For whom?

For individuals looking for insurance adapted to their future expatriate status.

Your expectations

  • Obtain coverage that will intervene as soon as necessary
  • A representative specialized in international relocation
  • Support for your needs abroad

Our solution

Before relocating to a foreign country, whether you are traveling alone or with your family, it is essential to take some precautions. CFE (Social Security Fund for French nationals living abroad), GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals), CRE/IRCAFEX (pension institutions for executives and similar employees in France and abroad), “1st euro” health insurance, bilateral agreements with the country of destination…It is very difficult to navigate among the numerous proposals offered by insurance organizations. 

To help you better organize your expatriation and facilitate all your administrative procedures, Ascoma and its approved advisors accompany you during the execution of these formalities. We search for the best insurance contracts that will perfectly match the needs of your future expatriate status. Benefit from a privileged relationship with a manager who will answer all your questions before, during and after each of the subscription steps.

Coordinate all the terms and conditions of your journey with a specialist in international insurance plans. Our specialist teams in international relocation advise you on the insurance programme that best suits your profile and the characteristics of the country of destination.


Drawing on years of experience and presence in many countries, the Ascoma Group is the ideal partner for all your projects. We have a global vision of the market and offer solutions in complete independence.

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