Your health above all, everywhere

Are you looking for supplementary health insurance that protects your interests and covers costs not reimbursed by your social protection? Ascoma's experts work together to meet all your requirements and make your health their concern.

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For whom? 

For those wanting personalized management of their supplementary health insurance.

Your expectations

  • Satisfactory and tailor-made management of your healthcare costs
  • Supplementary health insurance that matches your needs
  • An advisor who knows your profile and offers you tailored solutions  

Our solution

Supplementary health insurance complements the basic scheme (Social Security, Social Services Compensation Fund (CCSS), State Medical Services (SPME) or Health Insurance Fund for the Self-Employed (CAMTI) for Monaco). Among other things, it covers your medical bills not reimbursed by your social protection and, in particular, it ensures better reimbursement for some expensive procedures, sometimes called “comfort” procedures.

Health insurance is also aimed at those not subject to a mandatory scheme, for example non-salaried foreign residents or expatriate professionals. This refers to “1st euro” health coverage valid for stays all over the world, where your medical expenses are covered by a single private organization after medical approval.

Our experienced managers are at your disposal to provide assistance and advice. When you entrust us with the management of your contract, we deliver a raft of services for your complete satisfaction:

  • Analysis of practitioners` cost estimates (dentists, opticians…) and issuing recommendations on request
  • Provision of quotes in accordance with the company`s current health insurance
  • Calculation of potential "remaining expenses"
  • Hospital care
  • Explanation of amounts reimbursed
  • Remote transmission of statements with social security organizations
  • Perusal of supplementary Ascoma statements on the Internet and sending by email
  • Third-party payment


The strength of our insurance brokerage firm lies in our ability to offer you personalized service. Our specialized managers in supplementary health insurance guide and help you to subscribe to a programme that definitively matches all your needs.

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