Borrower`s insurance: coverage for all your projects

You have entered into a loan contract but you want to protect yourself more? Your Ascoma advisors offer you borrower`s insurance-coverage that allows you to take control of your deadlines in case of a default in payment, while protecting the lending organization.

For whom?

For individuals who have entered into a loan contract but wish to obtain supplementary coverage.

Your expectations

  • Personalized support for all your projects
  • Coverage that protects you and your loved ones
  • Borrower`s insurance adapted to your profile

Our solution

Since the Lagarde law (2010), borrowers have the right to refuse insurance offered by a bank or credit company in order to approach an organization that offers coverage more suited to their various needs. To secure the repayment of a loan and protect the interests of each party, Ascoma offers specific insurance to cover the borrower.

Taking out individual borrower`s insurance remains an important decision, which is why our advisers accompany and guide you in choosing the solution that matches your profile. Our teams offer you the opportunity to subscribe to the most comprehensive coverage on the market to protect your loved ones and the property you buy.

This insurance kicks in after the establishment of a loan, such as for a real estate project. Although not mandatory, many lending companies ask for borrower`s insurance to guard against defaults. This insurance guarantees payment of the outstanding loan amounts in the event of a change of situation: death, disability, incapacity and sometimes even loss of employment.


Our teams of responsive and available specialists constantly monitor your situation and guarantee you tailor-made management of your contract and your interests.

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