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Sectoral Expertise

Public services

The public sector`s objective is to offer an ever more satisfying service to citizens. To ensure the continuity of your business, even in the event of an incident, our teams assist you in all your dealings with insurers. They help you to reduce the blame for your responsibility and to restore a calm situation as soon as possible. They work with public and government administrations as part of crisis management or prevention campaigns, such as the fight against cyber risk.



The telecommunications sector must anticipate developments, especially in technology, and identify the new risks that may result. Failure of performance, risk of piracy, material damage - you name it,  our managers have a perfect knowledge of the issues facing your company.

To cope with the risk of loss or theft of computer data, it is essential for companies to take out an appropriate contract with specialists like Ascoma.


Construction and public works 

Construction is a complex and demanding industry requiring a number of safeguards to protect the company, its stakeholders and third parties. To ensure a complete service, our teams are trained in the constraints and priorities of your activities.

Whether you are a building company, building owner or architect, it is necessary to guarantee the accomplishment of your projects while protecting your responsibility in case of damage or loss. Ascoma helps you to understand the risks related to your environment by considering the human and financial issues related to your industry and choosing the appropriate cover.


Oil and petroleum industry

The oil industry is constantly growing and is becoming more and more demanding when it comes to the environmental impact of its actions. To adapt to government regulations, regular identification of risks is essential to establish effective prevention programmes.

To support you in your projects and protect you from potential risks, our teams look for the best insurance solutions to defend your interests.



Large retailers are leading the way in the creation of many jobs, but they are nonetheless vulnerable. Fraud, environmental damage, deterioration of loading vehicles, work-related accidents or diseases – the risks are many and can have significant financial consequences for your company. To respond effectively to these types of incidents, our employees carry out regular research to identify new risks that may confront the durability of your structure.


Food-processing industry

To meet the obligations that govern the food-processing industry, Ascoma is working on solutions fully designed to meet the needs of this sector of activity. Assisting with underwriting, crisis management and communication, our industrial risk experts provide you with a personalized follow-up throughout the duration of your contract. Damage to property, machine breakage, civil and environmental liability, product contamination, business interruption…these are all risks to which the industries in the sector are exposed. Protect your responsibility and that of your employees thanks to an insurance programme adapted to the distinctive characteristics of your activity.



Secure your income and protect your responsibility with insurance specifically designed for the agricultural sector. The many internal changes in this area of activity have had an impact on workers` demands. Thus, Ascoma's teams support farmers in all contractual procedures during the subscription but also in case of disaster.

This multi-risk insurance protects farmers and the durability of their operations in the event of production deficiencies, health and environmental risks, and variability of income, and also insures all operating assets (vehicles, buildings, animals, crops…).


Mining and forestry sector

Conventional insurance contracts for businesses are not suited to the requirements of the mining and forestry sector. To protect their interests and their responsibility against risks, these businesses need specific coverage.

Our teams of specialists take into account the financial and human issues of each branch of activity as well as threats that may be detrimental to your organization. Accident, bodily injury, environmental damage…Ascoma looks for insurance products that meet the requirements of your business and provide you with immediate crisis management in case of damage or accident.


Maritime and rail transport

Ascoma offers multi-risk insurance solutions adapted to the transport and logistics sector. Our teams are in contact with insurance companies specializing in the prevention of risks related to the transport of goods by land or sea.

Secure your activities and protect your responsibility and that of your employees in the event of loss, theft or deterioration. Our teams are at your service and intervene immediately after a disaster to assist you optimally in crisis management.


Banking sector 

To offer coverage tailored to the needs of banks and financing companies, our insurance brokerage experts regularly monitor market trends. Our teams take into account the challenges of the market to recommend efficient and scalable solutions appropriate to your business.

Our mission? To assist you in decision-making in a crisis situation, especially in case of cyberattack, to protect your interests as well as those of your employees and clients.


Hospital sector

Healthcare institutions benefit from comprehensive and effective coverage for the protection of your interests and equipment. Our teams of specialists put you in contact with insurance organizations specializing in the medical sector.

They identify the risks and assess your protection needs in order to offer you evolving contracts adapted to your requirements.

Dealing with compensation for bodily harm or legal protection, our managers recommend comprehensive insurance solutions and ensure personalized follow-up throughout the duration of the contract.


Hospitality and tourism

Protect your business and your image by taking out insurance coverage specially designed for tourist establishments. Risks such as food poisoning, personal safety, property damage or civil liability are real and can cause considerable financial harm.

To ensure the sustainability of your organization and protect your interests, our consultants determine the best coverage based on an in-depth market study adjusted to your company. Our expertise, experience and regular collaborations with specialized insurers allow us to negotiate the best pricing conditions for you.



Conventional insurance contracts do not always include the practice of extreme sports, so it is necessary that participants in these activities take out specific insurance. These preventive programmes protect your civil liability and allow you to receive compensation in the event of bodily injury or property damage, as well as the payment of a capital sum in case of death or disability.

Our teams are familiar with the requirements of the sports sector and offer personalized coverage for professional or occasional players.