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Discover the solutions of Ascoma Employee Benefits: a global and tailor-made health offer in Africa

  • 08/28/2019

As part of their CSR policy and the improvement of the living and working conditions of their staff, multinational groups are expected to offer all their employees a medical cover adapted to their environment.

Unfortunately, these companies face various problems preventing them from setting up the most optimal health scheme in terms of guarantees and costs:

  • Various social, regulatory and medical environments by country;
  • Multiplicity of interlocutors, policies and guarantees;
  • Systems poorly adapted to employees’ mobility;
  • Lack of visibility in the schemes monitoring;
  • Difficulty to control the risk.

Aware of these issues and challenges, the Ascoma group has set up a specialized structure, Ascoma Employee Benefits (Ascoma Santé et Prévoyance), to support multinational groups in implementing and managing their protection plans.

Ascoma Employee Benefits offers tailor-made solutions based on the most advanced technologies:

  • Unique contact and global reporting;
  • Help in determining the most appropriate guarantees according to local social and regulatory context;
  • Risk pricing based on a unique database gathering 15 years of medical consumption in 22 African countries;
  • Risk optimization through placement on international insurance markets fully compliant with local regulation;
  • A strong local service in each country including access to medical advisers and an extensive third-party payment network (more than 3,000 healthcare providers in 20 countries);
  • Multi-country care card allowing beneficiaries to benefit from a direct payment system outside their country of residence, when on business trip or personal travel;
  • Strict procedures for medical controls and statistical monitoring to tackle overuse and fraud;
  • A dedicated web portal for HR managers to monitor the insured population, policy consumption, and to add/remove beneficiaries;
  • For beneficiaries, the web portal (accessible on smartphone) allows to find and geolocate any health provider and to submit a medical expense claim.

"This structure, unique in Africa, is the fruit of a long experience (more than 20 years) of the ASCOMA group in health insurance, is perfectly suited to international groups and allows them to fully focus on their core business" says Nicolas Diakité, Director of Ascoma Employee Benefits.

Employee health is at the heart of the HR strategy. It values ​​the performance and image of your company and promotes the well-being of employees, while retaining their talents.

A successful and sustainable health system must meet the expectations of its customers and its employees.

The Ascoma Group is particularly sensitive to issues related to the health system on the African continent. Our employees in Europe and Africa work together to offer innovative solutions in partnership with local insurance companies.