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Alice Boni

Portfolio Director à Ascoma Ivory Coast

I joined Ascoma Côte d'Ivoire in 2002 as a Client Manager, and in addition to that I was appointed Portfolio Management Director in 2006. My work involves maintaining the client portfolio by managing the production department (business proposals, compilation of contracts and visits to clients). Ascoma Côte d’Ivoire have me the opportunity to increase my skills and work towards a high-responsibility post. My career with Ascoma has gone hand in hand with my professional development, with the challenge of managing a team and in particular the wish to provide our clients with a service of ever-increasing quality.

Arthur Mandjoba

Head of Transport Department at Ascoma Ivory Coast à Ascoma Ivory Coast

I joined the Ascoma Ivory Coast Transport Department in 2011 as "Transport Production and Loss Examiner" in charge of key accounts and customer relations. In 2013 I was able to move to the position of Transport Manager. In close collaboration with the Portfolio Manager, the Technical Director and the General Manager, I manage the Transport team (Production and Loss) while ensuring client management. Ascoma Ivory Coast has truly allowed me to develop my skills and put them to good use in logistics, transport and international trade

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