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In the context of the International Voluntary Work in Business (IVWB) programme, established by French law on 14 March 2000, Ascoma offers young graduates, aged 18 to 28, the opportunity to go on a professional mission abroad for a variable period of six to 12 months, renewable once within a limit of two years.

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IVWB is open to all young French nationals, from all levels of education, as well as to young nationals of the European Economic Area.

IVWB is a real opportunity and is often seen as a stepping stone towards employment. Indeed, with the help of Business France, several young graduates from all sectors have already joined Ascoma subsidiaries such as Ascoma Gabon, Ascoma Ivory Coast and Pactilis in Morocco.

Many of them have been hired at the end of their IVWB mission, some as executives.

To find out more about IVWB, we invite you to watch the film below and click on the following link: www.businessfrance.fr 

The following local number is at your disposal:    
08 10 65 96 59

Useful link: