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Values and experience

The Ascoma Group provides its clients with highly qualified, multidisciplinary teams trained in risk management of both companies and individuals, who assist you in the protection of your property and business.

Advice and independence, the heart of our profession

As a broker, Ascoma is your unique and independent representative in the insurance market. We are mandated by our clients, whose interests we defend with insurance companies and third parties. Combining proximity and technical sophistication, we provide you with permanent and customized assistance and advice.

Our experience and expertise serving your interests

Our multidisciplinary teams of experts audit the client's risks, search for the best coverage conditions and negotiate the most advantageous rates with insurers. Thereafter, we set up the contracts and also ensure the management and speedy reimbursement of claims.

Proximity and expertise

Each Ascoma subsidiary has an in-depth knowledge of its local market: insurance regulations, specific risks, companies' soundness and capabilities, best practices…
Ascoma International, based in Paris, is the coordinating centre for the group`s international operations serving clients, subsidiaries and correspondents: analysis of complex tenders, coordination of international programmes, reinsurance investments, audits of risks and prevention.