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The origins of the Ascoma Group go back to 1896, with the creation of a first brokerage office in Paris. Since then, the group has significantly transformed, particularly in its international development, to become the leader in insurance brokerage in French-speaking Africa. Today, the group consists of more than 700 employees in 23 countries.

From family business to international expansion

The Ascoma Group is a pioneer in insurance brokerage in Africa, where some subsidiaries have been established for seventy years, the group has over time created the first independent brokerage network in sub-Saharan Africa.



  • 1896: Creation of Cabinet Poujade et Cie
  • 1937: Raymond Jutheau renames the firm "Faugère & Jutheau" which will quickly become the first French insurance broker.
  • 1950: Opening of Faugère & Jutheau in Monaco.


The group created its first subsidiaries in Africa from the 1950s.

  • 1952-1953:  creation of a subsidiary in Madagascar and Cameroon.
  • 1961-1963: opening of Ivory Coast and Gabon.
  • 1968: Ascoma sets up in the Central African Republic.


  • 1992:  The family sells its French business activities (Faugère & Jutheau) to Marsh & McLennan, the world's leading insurance broker. Ascoma retains its African network as well as its Monegasque company, Jutheau Husson.    
  • 2000: The group takes the name “Ascoma” with the creation of the parent company “Ascoma Insurers and Advisers” in Monaco which includes the African and Monegasque subsidiaries.


  • 2003: Creation of Ascoma Maritime in Monaco, dedicated to yachting
  • 2003-2004:  establishment in Congo, the DRC and Equatorial Guinea. Creation of Ascoma International in Paris, centre of the group`s international coordination and expertise.
  • 2006- 2007: opening in Rwanda, Senegal, Benin, Burundi and Mauritania. 
  • 2010-2011:  Ascoma sets up in Togo, Chad, Ghana and Guinea Conakry.
  • 2012-2015: Creation of new subsidiaries in Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali.

Today, Ascoma has the largest independent brokerage network in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • 2015:  Hervé Husson is appointed Chairman of the Ascoma Group; Patricia Husson becomes Honorary President.
  • 2021: Chedid Capital acquires 80% of Ascoma. Husson family remains shareholder with a 20% stake.
  • Farid Chedid  is appointed Chairman and CEO of the Ascoma Group.