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Shipowners` insurance and third-party liability

To protect your interests and cover your liability in the event of an incident, Ascoma offers insurance entirely conceived and designed for shipowners that provides individual solutions for operations, property damage, personal injury or pollution.

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For whom?

For shipowners who require dependable coverage in order to conduct their activities safely.

Your expectations

  • An experienced representative
  • Insurance covering all aspects of your business
  • Coverage that matches the requirements of the maritime sector

Our solution

P&I (Protection & Indemnity) Marine Insurance is third-party liability insurance for shipowners that provides coverage during business operations, particularly in the event of a third-party claim. This insurance covers property damage, personal injury, collision liability and pollution caused by the insured yacht.

Thanks to our privileged partnerships with the thirteen principal underwriting associations of the International Group (IGP&I), our teams offer you a wide choice of coverage:


  • Coverage of third-party liability in the event of a collision beyond the amount covered by comprehensive insurance or third-party insurance
  • Personal injury, including death of a third party
  • Medical care for the paid crew and coverage of expenses incurred for replacement, repatriation and funerals
  • Coverage of all expenses incurred for offloading sick or injured paid crew members
  • Costs of withdrawing your vessel or a third party
  • Towing risks
  • Costs of accommodation of paid crew if your vessel is temporarily uninhabitable as the result of an accident
  • Pollution, including by hydrocarbons, or other environmental damage
  • Damage to fixed and movable property
  • Damage caused by stranding
  • Indirect damage (waves caused by the vessel, etc.)


  • Fines imposed by any person belonging to customs, immigration or other local or national authorities
  • Expenses related to expert assessment costs 


  • Legal defence
  • Judicial proceedings for the benefit of or against the captain, officers, paid crew and/or guests on board


Our expertise and numerous partnerships with insurers specializing in the maritime sector allow us to offer you tailor-made solutions to meet all your needs.

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