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Professional third-party liability

Professional Third-Party Liability of Dealers

Ascoma Maritime, the leading provider of professional third-party liability insurance for yacht brokers, offers insurance cover to charter brokers, dealers in (Yacht Broker) and managers of (Yacht Manager) all types of yachts.

As a member of such professional associations in the yachting industry as Cluster Yachting Monaco and the European Committee of Yachting Professionals, Ascoma Maritime has a perfect command of the challenges facing professionals and the type of risks they face.

At your disposal to advise you, our specialized teams strive to meet each challenge by protecting your best interests with professional third-party liability insurance coverage tailored to all players in the yachting industry.

The risks of charter brokers, often covered by the yacht`s insurance, seem minimal. However, in the event of claims by a third party following an accident, the professional service provider is implicated and their insurer must respond.

The remedies and third-party claims against yacht dealers by owners can be numerous and quickly reach large amounts.

It is essential to rely on professionals and tailor-made insurance coverage.

Our role is to minimize the financial impact of any professional misconduct or negligence and thus prevent their damaging your reputation. 

Our insurance coverage protects against:

  • Unauthorized activity
  • Ship incorrectly described, information that could be deemed misleading, provided to the person in charge
  • Faulty negotiations: details of an offer poorly communicated
  • Offer sent to the wrong email address
  • Acting on behalf of a fake manager
  • Employee fraud
  • Misleading declaration of status
  • Non-compliance with a power of attorney: unauthorized signature of a contract on behalf of a principal
  • Breach of the charter contract or the charter

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