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Health insurance in Africa: a dedicated solution

Based in Casablanca, the Health Directorate oversees and assists the health departments of the Ascoma Group's African subsidiaries. Under the name of Ascoma Health, the subsidiaries assist their clients on African territory in setting up their health plan.

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Employee health is at the heart of HR strategy, which enhances the performance and image of your company and promotes the well-being of employees, while retaining their talents.

An effective and sustainable health system must meet the expectations of clients and their employees.

With this in mind, and with its expertise in health insurance in Africa, Ascoma Health supports its clients in the implementation, management and monitoring of employee health plans.

Assistance and advice

Ascoma relies on specialized teams to provide you with the necessary perspective on your health plan`s background, design, and evolution and the implementation of solutions intended to ensure its durability. 


  • Audit of the existing plan
  • Advice on the legal, fiscal and social context
  • Tailor-made design of your plan`s coverage, taking into account your actual needs, the specificities of your organization and your sector of activity
  • Secure risk placement with companies recognized for their seriousness and reliability
  • Financial optimization of your plan through analysis of a database consolidating more than 10 years of valuable medical use


  • Statistical analysis of expenses taking into account both the performance of your plan and the broader monitoring of healthcare centres and trends observed in similar plans
  • Tailor-made statistical analysis to explain a particular phenomenon and provide the appropriate solution
  • Active participation of medical consultants in the analysis and monitoring of your plan
  • Proposal and implementation of measures to ensure the stability of your plan
  • Implementation of prevention campaigns, assistance in the definition of the company`s employee protection policy
  • Organization of regular follow-up meetings involving stakeholders in your company, your account manager and a medical consultant 


The Ascoma Group puts at your disposal a health plan management system designed for Africa and perfectly adapted to local realities. This system is built around four major concerns: the well-being of your employees and their families, control of healthcare costs, quality reporting and the protection of personal data.

It relies on a proprietary information system that is efficient, secure and incorporates the latest technological developments.


  • Employee information meetings at the start of the plan
  • Handbook for the insured setting out coverage and procedures
  • Doctors on hand to explain and clarify plans to beneficiaries and assist them during their course of treatment
  • Preventive actions at your request


  • System exempting patients from paying medical providers during treatment: they will send their invoice directly to Ascoma…without increasing healthcare costs (except in the case of user fees)
  • Service covering all the health benefits that the patient may need during treatment: consultation, hospitalization, pharmacy, medical tests, dental care, etc.
  • Accessible service in the Ascoma healthcare network
  • To ensure uninterrupted access to healthcare for employees while traveling, accessible service in all Ascoma countries


  • Secure access to third-party payment thanks to a strong identification system (biometrics) and a real-time connection to the Ascoma database for the verification of rights and coverage
  • Negotiated rates with network health centres
  • Invoice control and reimbursement requests carried out exclusively by medical advisors
  • Analyses of healthcare costs

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