Key person

Guarantee the durability of the company

One in three companies does not survive after the death or incapacity of a director or vital employee. Key person insurance makes it possible to compensate the company for financial losses that arise from such death or incapacity, to ensure the recruitment of a new employee and to preserve the durability of the company.

For whom?

For all companies wishing to take out coverage to ensure the durability of the organization in case of the death or incapacity of a key person.

Your expectations

  • Personalized support and advice when signing the contract
  • Insurance that helps to establish the longevity of your organization
  • Payment of a capital sum in case of death or incapacity of an indispensable member of the company 

Our solution 

Key person insurance is coverage that makes it possible to compensate the company for financial losses it sustains because of the death or prolonged absence of a director or employee who plays a crucial corporate role.

To cope with unforeseen costs and expenses, it is essential to have sufficient cash flow to guarantee the company`s operation in the event of a hard blow and to pay these expenses or recruit a new employee.

This insurance is taken out by the company, not individually, in order to compensate for the operating loss and/or the decrease in turnover in the event of the death of a director or key co-worker.

It covers, for example, a situation where an indispensable member of the company, the company head or an employee with essential know-how finds themselves temporarily or permanently incapacitated, a risk that can have serious financial consequences for the company. 


Our corporate insurance experts advise you and recommend the most appropriate solution, taking into account your core business, the history of your organization, its needs and requirements.

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