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Experience in high-stakes construction

Construction professionals, we offer insurance solutions that meet all types of risks inherent in your business. Our expertise allows us to recommend appropriate protection for your company as well as all stakeholders.

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For whom?

Construction companies wishing to obtain coverage that meets the specificities of their profession.

Your expectations

  • A relationship of trust between manager and client
  • Protection equal to the value of your investments
  • Insurance cover appropriate to your needs and the constraints of your company

Our solution

Our goal? To protect you and your investments with insurance cover that perfectly meets your needs.


  • Comprehensive all-risks construction insurance: material damage to the works under construction
  • Civil liability insurance of the contractor: potential damages and inconvenience caused to third parties (neighbours, for example).
  • Insurance after completion: two-year and ten-year post-completion coverage adapted to French (structural damage insurance) and Monegasque (Type 50 wrap-up insurance) territories. 


  • Designers, contractors, architects, design offices
  • Developers, estate agents
  • Contractors
  • Companies, artisans


Intended to protect owners, a performance bond acts as an insurance policy to guarantee that the contractor will complete the works under the contract. Performance bonds are issued through a third-party surety company (usually the real estate developer) that insures the contractor and pays claims to the owner.

Your projects being an important investment, we have a team dedicated to the construction industry. Our managers accompany our clients, from underwriting to claims management, thus creating privileged relationships with companies that trust us. 


Ascoma has extensive experience in the construction market. Our knowledge of potential complexities and problems associated with your sector of activity allows us to provide you with personal service adapted to your needs.

With a perfect knowledge of the risks and work involved in construction, our team guides you and recommends solutions that conform to your activity, taking into account the human and financial issues related to your company.

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