Joint Press Release


STANE ASSURANCE and ASCOMA IVORY COAST, through their respective branch managers, inform you that STANE INSURANCE has decided to entrust the management of its health portfolio to ASCOMA HEALTH from 1 January 2018

STANE ASSURANCE, as insurer, will assume the health risk ans ASCOMA HEALTH, the delegated manager of the third-party payer, will manage the relationship between policyholders and medical providers.

For STANE policyholders, access to the ASCOMA HEALTH third-party payer network is made possible thanks to new care cards, available in the usual format or in electronic format, from STANE’s SELFCARE application.

The branch managers of STANE and ASCOMA IVORY COAST, major players in health insurance in Ivory Coast, are delighted with the implementation of this innovative collaboration, aimed at ensuring a quality service for their respective users.

Authorized medical providers, members of the ASCOMA IVORY COAST Thiard-Party Payer Network, are invited to facilitate its implementation.