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The Ascoma Group was initially created in the early 90s from a number of subsidiaries and holdings owned by the Faugère et Jutheau group or directly by the Jutheau Husson family.

One of these companies, Ascoma Assureurs Conseils, the head office of which is based in Monaco, had a share capital of €5,000,000. This became the parent company, on one hand for companies already directly held by the Jutheau Husson family, and on the other hand for companies taken over by Faugère et Jutheau during the transfer of all the family’s shares in the company to Marsh, the world's leading insurance broker.


The resulting network, which has been added to in subsequent years, is the first French-speaking Africa network, with some of its companies being created by Raymond Jutheau, father of the current vice-president almost 60 years ago.