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Ascoma Jutheau Husson (Monaco)

Present in Monaco since 1950, Ascoma Jutheau Husson, the leading broker in the Principality, carries on its insurance and reinsurance brokerage activities in Monaco and Europe and internationally.

The country in brief

  • Population: 37,800 inhabitants and over 120 nationalities (2014).
  • Area: 2.02 km²
  • GNP: €4,900 million (2015)
  • Rate of growth: 9.3% (2015)

The Monegasque insurance market

Only insurance companies and brokers approved by the Monegasque Government may trade in the territory. About fifty agents or brokers and over 130 companies are represented in the Principality. The Monaco Insurance Chamber brings together insurance agents and brokers with a view to grouping everyone involved in the profession around a set of common goals: to participate actively in the development of the sector regionally and internationally and to ensure respect for current regulations in the Principality. The insurance contracts are mostly identical to those offered in France. Since 1957, Monaco has hosted "Les Rendezvous de l'Assurance", the all-important reinsurance congress that brings the principal actors from the world market together each year.

*Sources: www.cma.asso.mc - www.monacoforfinance.mc - www.diplomatie.gouv.fr


Our expertise

With the support of the Ascoma Group, an international independent insurance broker, the Monegasque subsidiary Ascoma Jutheau Husson can provide its expertise to all its clients, including small and medium businesses, multinationals, freelancers, traders and individuals.


Ascoma Jutheau Husson, a company specialising in protection of property and persons in private and business contexts, assists its clients and defends their interests in all areas of activity and all types of risks, offering them made-to-measure contracts adapted to suit their local and international needs.

Offices - factories - food industry - retail - transport - aviation - construction - building - banking, hotel and hospital sectors - public works - telecommunications - computing.


Ascoma Jutheau Husson proposes cover solutions for you and your family and also your property and investments. Our multidisciplinary teams offer you insurance for all risks of personal life, with specially negotiated conditions and with extended cover.

Ascoma Jutheau Husson also markets health and provident fund insurance products (insurance against accidents, life insurance, additional pensions, funeral insurance), giving you peace of mind about the financial consequences connected with these kinds of risk.

The Ascoma Jutheau Husson solutions


  • Property & Business Operating
  • Losses
  • Construction
  • Personal


  • Property
  • Exceptional property
  • Personal & Familial


  • Yachts Boat
  • Owners
  • Crews

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