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Alice Boni

Portfolio Director à Ascoma Ivory Coast

I joined Ascoma Côte d'Ivoire in 2002 as a Client Manager, and in addition to that I was appointed Portfolio Management Director in 2006. My work involves maintaining the client portfolio by managing the production department (business proposals, compilation of contracts and visits to clients). Ascoma Côte d’Ivoire have me the opportunity to increase my skills and work towards a high-responsibility post. My career with Ascoma has gone hand in hand with my professional development, with the challenge of managing a team and in particular the wish to provide our clients with a service of ever-increasing quality.

Nicolas Mior

Manager à Ascoma Maritime (Monaco)

I have had a great interest in yachting for many years, and joined Ascoma Maritime in 2004 as a Client Manager. As this area of activity developed, I took the opportunity to become Technical and Commercial Manager in 2010 and then Yachting Department Manager in 2014. Under the supervision of the Europe Director, I currently oversee the whole of the portfolio and in particular insurance policies covering yachts, boat owners, sailors and professionals in the sector. I am also involved in defining the business strategy of Ascoma Maritime as well as communication operations. My daily tasks involve advising clients with the aim of obtaining insurance that is competitive, personalised, and adapted to suit their vessel or professional activity precisely. My role is to provide them with made-to-measure advice. I am also available at all times to accompany clients and assist them in the best possible way when they make a claim. My position as the client's broker, representative and proxy requires me to exercise my business sense when negotiating conditions with insurance companies, and requires the ability to make contact on human level when I meet with the various people actively involved in the yachting industry. Because I am in regular contact with international clients and policyholders, much of my work is conducted in English. Based in Monaco, in the heart of the capital of yachting, Ascoma Maritime is a subsidiary of Groupe Ascoma, actively involved in all the main trade fairs. Its involvement with specialist associations makes it an actor recognised by all the professionals in the sector. Our clients therefore benefit from our expertise.

Sophie Beguet

Personal Insurance Underwriting Manager at Ascoma Jutheau Husson, Monaco à Ascoma Jutheau Husson (Monaco)

I joined the Ascoma Jutheau Husson (Monaco) sales team in 2006 with the task of developing a portfolio focused on the property and casualty sector. This first experience helped me two years later in reaching the position of Account Manager in the Business Market Department. After many years of wishing I could join the Personal Insurance Department, my wish finally came true in 2014 when I took over responsibility for the "Underwriting" team. In close collaboration with the Director of the Personal Insurance Department, I participate in preparing the annual budget and the commercial action plan. I ensure their implementation with my three employees in accordance with the objectives set by General Management. My main task, as a broker, is auditing and consulting to optimize the insurance solutions of our clients. My job is enriched every day by the changing regulatory environment and by supporting our customers internationally.

Arthur Mandjoba

Head of Transport Department at Ascoma Ivory Coast à Ascoma Ivory Coast

I joined the Ascoma Ivory Coast Transport Department in 2011 as "Transport Production and Loss Examiner" in charge of key accounts and customer relations. In 2013 I was able to move to the position of Transport Manager. In close collaboration with the Portfolio Manager, the Technical Director and the General Manager, I manage the Transport team (Production and Loss) while ensuring client management. Ascoma Ivory Coast has truly allowed me to develop my skills and put them to good use in logistics, transport and international trade

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